Bike Mounted Park Rangers

When you were a kid, did you dream of being a park ranger—or do you just think the hat is cool. (Apparently, the flat hat protects them from the hot sun.) It's not every day you are labelled a (Volunteer) Park Ranger and taken on a tour of a vast area of American wilderness, so that within a few weeks you can lead guided walks in it. But that is one of the privileges of joining the Volunteer Park … [Read more...]

9th Annual River City 5k

No one can ever say the Arkansas River Trail is neglected in terms of usage.  Cyclists and runners can be found relaxing, training, or racing.  How many races can you come up with that use some portion of the Arkansas River Trail?  To make it easier, think about races that involve the Big Dam Bridge, Two Rivers Park, Murray Park, or Burns Park.  Were you able to come up with at least five?  Was … [Read more...]

Mount Nebo Bench Trail Run – Dec. 2011

At 6:33 this morning, after scraping the frost off the windshield, we pulled out of the driveway, headed for Dardanelle and Mt. Nebo State Park. This morning, runners gathered in the cold winter wind to brave a 4 mile run on the Bench Trail.  Arkansas Outside was going to shoot photos of the race and if AO guy is going somewhere I might as well tag along. But why just stand around? Why not join … [Read more...]

Full Moon Walk…Less the Moon

More info on the 2013 event. Yep! A walk in the moonlight...well, not really the moonlight as we had no moon tonight. Sometimes the moon doesn't cooperate with the needs of us common folk. But the show went on anyway. At 6 p.m. or so, a lot of people took to the Big Dam Bridge to walk to the other side and back. Groups started in North Little Rock and in Little Rock. Walkers were given a … [Read more...]

Raid The Rock 2011

UPDATE: Results are in for 2011 Raid the Rock. You can also get splits here. And if you're wondering where some of these teams came from check out this. By 2000 I'd done a couple of adventure races which at that time made me, in the minds of some, an old hand at it. I had orienteering skills, a hydration pack and a mountain bike. A new adventure race was coming down the pike and a friend … [Read more...]

The Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers Hit Arkansas

It's always nice to get these folks in town. If you have a chance head out to show your support and maybe learn a thing or two. The Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers will be conducting outreach at training in the Little Rock area. October 20th The Clinton Presidential Library and the Bill Clark Wetlands nature area for awareness sessions - City of Little Rock and North Little Parks and … [Read more...]

Get Over It!

What a day for a ride! The sixth installment of the Big Dam Bridge 100 seems to have gone off with few problems. My wife and I opted for the 68 mile version having done the 100 a couple of years ago and knowing that we hadn't trained properly for that. If you'd like to read about some of the 100 (104) ride head on over to JBarCycling Blog for John Barton's take on that portion. The rides were the … [Read more...]

Exploring Arkansas visits The Jackfork!

A couple of months ago Lisa, Daron and I met up with Chuck Dovish of Exploring Arkansas to show off some of the new trails at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. We took on some easy sections since he is not an advanced rider. So don't let this video fool you. We filmed on what would be considered the easy sections of the trail. They were also areas that were easier to carry the camera equipment … [Read more...]

Some trail changes happening at Burns Park.

This past Saturday, Lisa and I went out to do a little mountain biking at Burns Park in North Little Rock. This is an old haunt of mine. While training for a 100 mile mountain bike race a few years back, I pretty much lived out there. I knew the trails like the back of my hand. I've also competed in a couple of adventure races through the park and one off-road triathlon. I still road bike through … [Read more...]

Because someone’s got to do it.

You may have read here that I've been doing some trail work out at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. The background is that a few of us got together with the Park a couple of years ago and dotted the proper "i's" and crossed the appropriate "t's" and they allowed us to design and build a couple of mountain bike trails, the Jackfork (intermediate/advanced) and the Rabbit Ridge trails (easy). We opened … [Read more...]