The History of Memory

"Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments in life are not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, the graduations, the weddings, not the great goals achieved. The real milestones are less prepossessing. They come to the door of memory." Susan B. Anthony Textbooks are filled with their accomplishments. The internet is a treasure trove of their quotes and pictures. The library is … [Read more...]

Mud Slinging

By Lisa Mullis Arkansas in autumn is not only resplendent with color from the changing of the leaves but there is not a weekend that is lacking a long list of events on the Things To Do in Central Arkansas calendar. In October the State Fair comes to Little Rock, there are bicycle races and charity rides, 5Ks galore, Harvest Fests, Boo at the Zoo, and Chili Cook-Offs. Another time-honored … [Read more...]

Raid The Rock 2011

UPDATE: Results are in for 2011 Raid the Rock. You can also get splits here. And if you're wondering where some of these teams came from check out this. By 2000 I'd done a couple of adventure races which at that time made me, in the minds of some, an old hand at it. I had orienteering skills, a hydration pack and a mountain bike. A new adventure race was coming down the pike and a friend … [Read more...]

A Quick Morning Stop

I left the house early this morning heading to a meeting at DeGray Lake Resort State Park (yeah, sometimes it's tough to be me). I left early so I could take my time and see what the sunrise had in store for me. I brought my new Nikon Coolpix P7000 to play with just in case a good shot presented itself. It was a clear sky so I figured that I wouldn't get much in the way of shots of the sky. I … [Read more...]

Turner Bend Turns 100

The following story was just released by Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism: Jill M. Rohrbach, travel writer Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism The Turner Bend store — set amid the changing shape of a lush landscape influenced by rippling waters, lost highways and throngs of exuberant floaters — is turning 100. Standing at the junction of Arkansas 23 and the Mulberry River, the … [Read more...]

But Mom, it’s HOT outside!

“Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat.” That has been quoted so many times, from Ann Landers to Lou Holtz, I have no idea whom to credit. But I think it’s appropriate for the story of a late summer camping trip at the lake. With temperatures in the upper 90s to triple digits and high humidity, it’s a perfect time to go camping for a family reunion. Right? While July is always a “hot” month … [Read more...]

Winter Decent on Richland Creek

Some friends shared this great video with me. Most people don't understand how great the whitewater can be in Arkansas and nothing beats a good winter snow melt. [youtube=] As an aside, the Richland Creek area is the first place I ever took my son backpacking. … [Read more...]

Fall Color & Falling Water

Fall color is always a wonderful time in Arkansas.  Early in the season (the second week of October) you will see the colors begin to change up in the Ozarks and on the high-points of the state like Mount Magazine and Rich Mountain. As the color continues south the Ouachita Mountains turn beautiful yellows and reds. Finally by mid November we still have color left in the lower parts of the state. … [Read more...]

The Ouachita Adventure Race

The Ouachita Adventure Race could become a classic! What a great race, 12 hours of running, orienteering, canoeing, rappelling, mountain biking, etc. All just about 1/2 an hour west of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Our team (ExtremeTrek) did not do as well as we would have liked but still had a great time.  We think that those that finished quickly just didn't get to enjoy the course as much as those of … [Read more...]

Arkansas, the Scuba Diving Capital of…well Arkansas

Don't laugh. Scuba diving is alive and well in the Natural State. I'll admit, I haven't tried it yet but it does sound fun. Luckily one of the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism writers has taken care of checking out the local scuba diving scene. Jill Rohrbach has gone where few of us have, the depths of Lake Norfolk in north central Arkansas. How could you pass up an article that starts … [Read more...]