Race the Falls 2016

I love community. In my 35+ years of adventure sports; I have had the opportunity to belong to a number of adventure communities of athletes.. As a “35 year novice kayaker”, this is one community that I have the least experience with. I am not sure why. It is probably because I spent the majority of my time on the Big Piney Creek and never really ventured out of my comfort zone till a few years … [Read more...]

A Year on the Water

Laramy Ridley of Kayak Arkansas often shares videos of kayaking adventures throughout the Natural State. He recently shared a mix of trips from the last year. In this video you'll see Hawksbill Crag, Falling Water Falls, Richland Creek, Cossatot River, Goat Trail, North Fork Illinois Bayou, Snow Creek, Cadron Creek, Haw Creek Falls, Big Piney Creek, Pam's Grotto, Winona Spillway, Ouachita River, … [Read more...]

Water, water….everywhere

Looks like a good time for a float... Shortly after the Whitewater Canoe & Kayak School on the Mulberry River a few weeks ago, several intrepid kayakers and open boaters took to a first run on the Cossatot River. Thanks to Jeff Gannon for this video from the float. cossatot first timers show 2014 from Jeff Gannon on Vimeo. Also, Kayak Arkansas and Arkansas Outside contributor, … [Read more...]

Chilly Water

We've found ourselves in fall’s chilly march toward winter.   Warm weather sports are over for the year. Fortunately for the paddlers of Arkansas, kayaking and canoeing is not a summertime-specific activity. Paddling is a whenever-and-wherever-the-water-is sport, and this time of year, the water is coming up. This makes for some happy paddlers, adrenaline junkies and casual boaters … [Read more...]

The Return of Slalom Racing to Central Arkansas

What do parachute pants, sea foam green, vinyl records, and kayak slalom racing have in common? They're all making a comeback! On Saturday June 22, over 100 people showed up in Dierks, Arkansas at Horseshoe Bend Campground for the first slalom event in Arkansas in about 15 years. Kayak slalom racing, according to Wikipedia is, "a competitive sport where the aim is to navigate a decked canoe or … [Read more...]


The Cossatot River was running last weekend, and so were all the whitewater paddlers in the state. Our river trip began at the Ed Banks low water bridge. As we unloaded boats and put on our gear, we were meeting tons of new people and trying to catch up with other friends. It’s amazing anyone ever got on the water. It is important to note real fast that my family is fairly new to the sport … [Read more...]

Back to Rendezvous

(See Part One of this Story) After a few hours in Little Rock we were ready to get back to our friends at the 19th Annual Arkansas Canoe Club Rendezvous. As we crossed the I-30 bridge over the Ouachita River we noticed some boaters still playing at the Rockport Ledge but decided that they would be heading back to Camp Couchdale soon and we would be there to meet them. There was a very … [Read more...]

Here Comes the Sun

The weather today in much of the Natural State is not sunny. In fact, most of us are seeing some kind of frozen or freezing precipitation. But within 4 days, the forecast has temperatures reaching the 60s once again. According to NOAA, Arkansas has enjoyed the 18th warmest January on record since 1895. This is probably great news for the LR Marathon Training Group. How tough is it to get out of a … [Read more...]

A Quick Morning Stop

I left the house early this morning heading to a meeting at DeGray Lake Resort State Park (yeah, sometimes it's tough to be me). I left early so I could take my time and see what the sunrise had in store for me. I brought my new Nikon Coolpix P7000 to play with just in case a good shot presented itself. It was a clear sky so I figured that I wouldn't get much in the way of shots of the sky. I … [Read more...]