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AO Friend Tammy demonstrates how she mixes Yoga and Stand Up Paddle boarding on Lake Dardanelle.

Finding Your Center

A couple of weeks back I was unfurling my yoga mat at the back of the room when I heard a familiar name. Knowing, or trying to get to know

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Searcy County Waterfall

Cool Stuff To Read and Watch…

Here are some cool links we found and wanted to share: How Tough Are You?  There are many good strategies to use when running the New York City Marathon. Throwing

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Fleet Feet Little Rock

Can You See Me Now?

Daylight savings time ended this past weekend and on the first workday post Fall-Back, I encountered no less than 3 runners out at or after sunset with no reflective gear.

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What Drives You?

Welcome back to guest blogger, Lisa. Have you ever wondered what makes some women tick? You’ll find some answers here. At 5 a.m. Monday, I woke up. Not because the

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