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You can do it all at DeGray

The notes of  a classic Bob Seger song flowed past the transition area, around the multitude of triathletes and over the crowd of volunteers and spectators, covering the spillway parking area in

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Searcy County Waterfall
"If you're a strong swimmer, the middle of the front is a good idea, if you're not a strong swimmer, the middle of the front is a bad idea." - Fred Phillips

The Dirty Tri

As the racers entered the water they were reminded how lucky they were. “Two months ago it was 110 degrees for a triathlon here, today it’s only 55 degrees, exactly

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In the middle of the 34 mile mountain biking section of the Iron Mountain XTERRA Epic.

Can an Epic become more Epic?

It can if it joins forces with other epics. Last October we headed down to DeGray Lake to cover an XTERRA triathlon organized by DLT Event Management. An XTERRA is

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Many racers used the climb out of transition to hydrate and get some nutrition...and mug for the camera.

Tri it in the Dirt

We’ve covered a few triathlons this year and part of an XTERRA during DeGray TriFest Weekend but this past weekend we were able to enjoy a couple of grueling XTERRA’s at DeGray

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Maybe a little too much energy for the end of the race.

Dawg Dayz XTERRA

An XTERRA is a really cool event. The idea is to take a triathlon and change the road cycling to mountain biking and the running to trail running. This adds

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Must be fun.

It’s Over. Let’s Do It Again.

In February, I signed up for this season’s first run of the Arkansas Trail Running Series. The series continued with  runs in March and April and the final championship run scheduled

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