Taking things for granted

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Sometimes I take things for granted. Sometimes its family or work, both of which I am very thankful for. Last night I realized that I was taking the place I live for granted. No, not my house but my town. Sure, Little Rock has its problems but there are some great things going on here in Central Arkansas.

Mullet Run - Northwoods Trails - Hot Springs

Last night I was riding the River Trail with my beautiful wife (whom I try to never take for granted, heck this chick was out riding in the dark with me!) when I suddenly realized. We had just ridden over the Big Dam Bridge, the largest pedestrian/cycling bridge in the world made just for that purpose. We passed through wooded trail watching deer leap away from us on the farthest edge of the glow from our bike lights. We passed the skateboard park where there were at least 10 or 15 kids playing in relative safety (except they should have helmets on….I’m just sayin’). Down to the North Little Rock River Front Park where we zipped past the Arkansas Queen paddle wheeler and the USS Razorback WWII submarine. All this in relative safety with the beauty of the Little Rock skyline reflected on the river.

As we rode I started thinking about what we did earlier in the day. A trip out to Pinnacle Mountain State Park where we did some geocaching. We found all three caches we set out to get. It was beautiful and the park was full but we know of some areas that aren’t as heavily visited. Funny, the log in two of the caches mentioned thanks for showing these folks this part of the park. Pretty cool that we woke up that morning with a completely different plan for the day and as the day changed we were still able to fill ourselves with a good dose of Central Arkansas. Makes me wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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