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Some of you may remember that during the International Mountain Bicycling Association World Summit, held in Bentonville, AR last year, Seth Alvo of Seth’s Bike Hacks visited and did a few videos. You’ll see that Seth quickly picked up on the mountain bike friendliness of Northwest Arkansas.

Video from the visit last November

This Spring, Seth came back. This time to check out some of our old school trails and future plans in the Hot Springs, AR area. When his plane landed, Kane Webb, the Executive Director of the Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism, and I, kidnapped him to talk to him about his views on mountain biking in the Natural State. That interview became is now available on the Natural State Podcast.

Natural State Podcast with Seth Alvo

Seth was able to get to Cedar Glades, the Womble, and some LOViT plus, an area near Hot Springs that some of the old timers will remember being the original home of the Attila The Hun Mountain Bike Race. The really good news is this place is coming back soon. Stay tuned for that.

The two videos Seth did on his latest visit

Feel free to share this with your friends and take pride in some of the best, most diverse mountain bike trails in the country.
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