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The Arkansas Outside Noggin Insulator is HERE!

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Our world traveling AO Recovery Beverage Insulators are known far and wide for their ability to keep your favorite post ride/run/workout elixir cold. Our research team has now moved on to the second most important outdoor enthusiast necessity, your head. Deep within their top secret research facility the cold air of the impending winter could be felt and since the cave facility is not heated warm hats were distributed to all research personnel and that’s when the idea hit. Slap a logo on these wonderful hats and call it a day. BRILLIANT!

Spread the word.
Spread the word.

Our marketing department decided that black is the new black so to paraphrase Henry Ford, “Any customer can have an AO Noggin Insulator any color that he/she wants so long as it is black.” Who are we to argue with Henry Ford.  Because of the inherent laziness of our research and development team, instead of developing separate ear warmers they simply designed built in auditory receiver warmers. During final development of the AO Noggin Insulator our fulfillment department walked into a design meeting to grab a donut and mentioned that dealing with various sizes is difficult suggesting that we go with the one size fits most approach.

Much to the chagrin of our sales department, customer service asked that we build in some apparatus to keep people from losing their brain bucket bag, as it was called during the development stage, so adjustable chin straps were added along with a nifty loop on the top. A simple nail (not included) can be put in the wall so the owner can have a place to hang their hat.

Having attended many outdoor events during the cooler months in Arkansas we noticed that fleece is a big deal. Not wanting to miss that band wagon we lined the entire inside of the hat in warm, comfortable fleece. One day while playing around with testing a prototype, one of our product safety testers found that it will fit under many cycling/climbing/paddling/motorcycle/jet pilot/hang gliding/construction/army/beer dispensing/race car driver and possibly other helmets. (Your results may vary.)

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Ignore the tiny head and look at the cool Noggin Insulator.
Ignore the tiny head and look at the cool Noggin Insulator.

Accounting said we had no budget for professional models and the only person willing to do it for free was an epic fail. So digging through our recently stored halloween stuff we found some creepy mannequin heads to use. They are somewhat small heads not to be confused with the shrunken variety.  So help us kick accounting in the nads by purchasing a hat and taking a selfie somewhere really cool (outside please) and posting it on our Facebook Page or tagging us on TwitterInstagram or Pinterest. Now you can look forward to those cold nights next to the bonfire.

For only $20 you can be sporting this beauty and that includes shipping, handling and tax. Get your Noggin Insulator today! More photos on our order page…


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