Buffalo National River Roark Bluff

The Buffalo National River Won’t Quite Be The Same


Lauren Ray has been an incredible ambassador for Arkansas over the past six years. She has brought her wonderful talents to bear on the Buffalo National River. She will be missed as she heads off on new adventures with the National Park Service. It is our hope that she, one day, finds her way back to Arkansas. I think you will agree, she will always have a home here. Thanks, Lauren, see you soon.


The Community Bicyclist
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2 Responses

  1. I’m sorry you’re leaving,but I wish you the best in your new location.The song was beautiful!

  2. Sorry your leaving but I think you’ll love NM. I just spent a week there and it was so inviting and home feeling. Be sure to visit Capital, NM as it’s the home to Smoky Bear and he’s also buried there.
    I loved your song..
    Safe travels!!

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