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We’ve been doing a lot of work on the Jackfork Mountain Bike Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park lately. We weren’t happy with the lack of rewards on the trail. You know, after climbing a stout hill it’s nice to have a little flowy section to get some wind through your jersey. Well, I think we have a lot of nice little fixes. We still have more to do and we think we have some opportunities for a little more mileage. We recommend starting at the main trailhead and taking a left at the first fork (just after the little tiny wood bridge). Stay left at the next intersection and you’ll come around to the “Big Rock.” Once you negotiate that you’ll have a nice drop and some rolling before a climb and another nice drop and then another and another…you get the idea. Eventually you come to a short connector. Go to the left to go to the “East Asia RockGarden” (yeah, it’s a very tough section) or go right and then another right to take the roadside of the loop. If you take the right you’ll eventually come to another intersection. Turn left to take the old entrance trail back up to the trailhead. This is a tough section that is on our list to clean up. Or, you could go right at that intersection and then the next left takes you back a slightly shorter way. (If at this point neither exit appeals to you and you want to go to the road please walk your bike there and try not to create a trail).

NWACC - Trail Tech

All that to say, Hey, watch this video we made this weekend instead of doing any trail work! Sorry, we deserve to have some of the fun.

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Fleet Feet Little Rock

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