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This last month has been busy! Things at work kind of exploded, not in a bad way just in a “why can’t I stop volunteering for stuff” way. I’m still trying to build mountain bike trails at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. The staff is very helpful and the parks as a whole are all for the project (it was part of the master park plan anyway) I have walked the area but have been unable to get the plans together for the park or get the workforce organized. Not that the workforce is not there, they are probably wondering what is taking me so long.

I have been to a few parks lately, I went to the Ozark Folk Center State Park a couple of weeks ago to attend the State Parks, Recreation and Travel Commission meeting. I was able to present some of the stuff that parks is doing in the social marketing realm like our facebook profile page, our facebook fan page and our twitter link. Very exciting stuff and it’s been wonderful to interact one-on-one with many park supporters. On the drive up I was able to see a lot of the damage done by the recent ice storm. It is amazing! We still have several state parks that will be closed for at least another month.

Last week I went to Lake Fort Smith State Park to present several projects that the marketing and revenue section is working on to a gathering of Region II park superintendents. My technology failed me but I think they were glad to not have to sit in a dark room watching me surf the internet. Instead I got to deal more directly with the park superintendents. Afterward we had a great lunch together in Chester, AR.

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On a more personal note, L and I have been doing some weekend running/hiking at Pinnacle and some road rides on the river trail since we are getting ready for the coming adventure race/mountain biking season. We’ll see how that goes. You can also follow me on my facebook page or twitter.

Adventure Ozark 8-Hour Adventure Race

Next week, Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Ft. Smith, AR. I plan to get a little hiking and biking in before it starts I’ll see if we can get you some photos of that.

And since I hate leaving you without a photo, this is Jacksonport State Park just after the ice storm. You can see that we had a lot of damage to the trees. This park is open except for the campground and picnic area.


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