The Racing Season

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Some of you may notice that I have a feed on the sidebar of this blog where I have been sharing other blog stories and updates from Primal Quest Montana. It looks like it turned out well. My friends with GCAR were able to finish but it is unclear right now if they were short coursed due to time constraints. I do know that they spent about 7 and a half days racing over 500 miles. That kind of puts to shame anything I did last week. Team Nike won the race — AGAIN! They are monsters. 5 and a half days to do the course. Ouch! Anyway…..

It’s OVER!

So what now? How do I keep the juices flowing? What will get me pumped up to go out and train? Oh, don’t worry it’s time for the Tour. Yes, the Tour de France starts this Saturday. I’m going to cheer on team Garmin-Chipotle this year. They are trying to bring a little respectability back to road racing with a strong anti-doping message. Plus they have some great riders with them. I’ll be puting up links to tour and team news so keep an eye out for it.

Bring on…

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