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The 2012 Slobberknocker race is fast approaching but you don’t have to be a fast rider to be a winner at the race.

UPDATE 2: Entry deadline has been extended to 7:00 pm Friday, April 20th to give you procrastinators a chance to enter when you get off work and start giving your bike your full attention.

UPDATE! More Great Prizes Available thanks to the folks at CARVE! Check the bottom of the article for details.

The Slobberknocker is a very unique race. We’ve heard of all kinds of bike set ups for the race. A little paved road, a lot of forest road, some gravel, some steep, loose climbs and fast downhills will bring bikes of all flavors out. Everyone has a plan that will give them an advantage, they think.

Twenty-niner, twenty-six, aggressive tires, semi-slicks, cyclo-cross, 1×9, 2×10, 3×9, single-speed, full squish, hard-tail, rigid, tubes, no tubes as many ways of setting it up as there are riders.

So let’s see what you’ve got!

Send a photo of your ride along with a short description of the set-up to We don’t care about your nutrition or how you’re training. Lance was wrong, it IS about the bike.

We promise not to give away your secret. We’ll be doing an article after the race based on the bike set-ups used. (Joe’s bike is already built and he has no funds for upgrades before the race anyway.) We’ll use your photos and descriptions so if your significant other, boss, etc. is not suppose to know that you are at the race or that you have such a nice bike, don’t enter. We don’t want to get anyone in trouble.

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But how is this a contest?

DLT Multisport and will have a drawing after the race from among all those who entered to win a case of GU and some other stuff that we found laying around in the floorboard of Fred’s truck. PLUS! CARVE has donated a Bell Volt Helmet (small, medium or large) and a new set of Schwalbe 29r Racing Ralph tires to this contest.¬†Much more stuff and this thing could get serious.

Read this! It’s important!

Fleet Feet Little Rock, now hiring.

You must enter the race to enter the contest. The bike must be yours and must be the one you will be using in the race, no borrowing a cool bike for the photos. Besides, we’ll probably want to see it at the drawing, you have to be present to win anyway. I have no idea what flavor the GU is, it’s GU, you’ll need it for Syllamo’s Revenge, quit asking. Same goes for what color the helmet is. All entries must be made by 5:00 pm Friday, April 20th. I plan to race and will need to get my sleep. Entries must be emailed, NO SNAIL MAIL, it may not even exist by the deadline. No guarantees that we will use your submission in the story unless of course your set-up includes training wheels. will probably be taking photos or videos or both during the race so I’d recommend not letting that attractive blonde that you just hired ride on the back of your bike.

More information on The Slobberknocker.

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