The tipping point has been reached


$4+ a gallon is my tipping point I guess. It all started with thinking about how I was driving. Could I squeak a few extra miles per gallon in my truck? Maybe I could make a few less trips out in the car or truck. It hit me hard last week when it took over $70 to fill up the truck. Crap!

The good news, I had spent part of the winter rebuilding an old hybrid bike I had sitting around into an A-1 commuter bike. How green is that? I recycled an old trashed bike into a commuter!

Well Tuesday I tried it out. L and I rode about halfway to my work then we split up as she headed to her bus stop and I continued to my office. Leaving early enough keeps the traffic light and I barely broke a sweat. Below is the route:

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The tough part is what happens when I get to work. I do have my own office but it doesn’t have a closet and it has a big window at the door way so to change from super commuter back to mild mannered government employee without my secret identity being revealed (along with other things that don’t need to be revealed), I have to change in the handicapped stall of the bathroom. Use some baby wipes to avoid offending others.

As in war, battles can be won through hard fighting but the war will be lost over logistics. Anyway, I brought more clothes so I can do it again tomorrow.

Mullet Run - Northwoods Trails - Hot Springs
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  1. Good for you Joe. I hear you about the tipping point. Baby wipes will be your savior. Also, be sure to try and ride the last bit (maybe half mile or so) slower that you normally would.

    This will help give the sweat time to evaporate and dry so you aren’t just moving it around with the baby wipes. A quick wipe down and a bit of extra deodorant will leave you ready to go.

  2. Proud of both of you… these are hard times for many and you set the standard for making it work for you. Would think a ‘bird-bath’ kit of washcloth, etc kept at office would do the trick.

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