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A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to attend the International Mountain Biking Association Workshop at Devil’s Den State Park (link to story). This past weekend another Trail Care Crew from IMBA visited White Oak Lake State Park in southwest Arkansas. As you might imagine, with the diversity of our state the trail conditions on the Fern Hollow Trail at White Oak are quite different from those of Devil’s Den and provided volunteers who signed up for the workshop a unique trail building experience.

Learning by doing.
Learning by doing.

One cool thing about the visits is that the IMBA Crews write a blog article about their visits. These two recent blogs from two different crews gives you an idea of how experienced, well traveled mountain bikers see our trails:

Devil’s Den State Park

Norfork Adventure Supply

White Oak Lake State Park

Here is some of the video of my ride shortly after building a new section at Devil’s Den.

The Big Run
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