Top Ten Reasons To Go Mountain Biking in Arkansas

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Attila the Hun Mountain Bike Race near Hot Springs, Arkansas
Attila the Hun Mountain Bike Race near Hot Springs, Arkansas

Sorry, we could not keep it to just 10.

11. Southern Hospitality!

10. No charge to ride on State Park Mountain Biking Trails.

09. Diversity! — Mountains, timberlands, tough climbs and ripping downhills. Everything from old school, hand-cut technical trails to super fast, machine built, flow trails.

08. Two words — Sweet Singletrack

07. 100’s of miles of mountain bike trails throughout the state.

06. Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series

05. The Ouachita Challenge

04. Two International Mountain Bicycling Ride Centers, Bentonville and Fayetteville.

03. Over 50 60 miles of diverse mountain bike trails within the city limits of Little Rock/North Little Rock. (Many accessible from the Arkansas River Trail.)

02. Two Four, yes two four IMBA Epic Trails The Womble,  Syllamo, Lake Ouachita Vista Trail and Upper Buffalo.

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01. Mountain biking season is 365 days long!

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