Torture…pick your pleasure.

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The Rack

I can’t stand working out in a gym! Why be inside on a treadmill or stationary bike when I could be outside? Weather doesn’t matter. I’m an adventure racer. I have all the gear to ride bikes, hike, run, whatever, outside. I laugh at rain, snow, the heat of summer. It just makes for a good workout story.

Shift Modern Cyclery - Be Ready To Ride.

Unfortunately, I know I need some weight work. Torso and ab work to improve my technical ability on the mountain bike, upper body work to assist in carrying canoes and kayaks, mountain bikes and climbing. Some squats, lunges and dead lifts wouldn’t be a bad idea either. This means I need to do some weight work. My wife bought me the above device. Not sure if it was because she loves me or if it’s to punish me for something I may have done. Honestly, it could be either.

I have to start pushing myself to do it. Maybe if I open the garage door it will feel more like being outside, maybe.

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