Tough ride at Village Creek State Park

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It was hot and buggy for the 10 miles of mountain biking Lisa and I did at Village Creek State Park.  The key was to keep moving which is why I have no photos.  The trails are well marked and it made it easy to just push through the trail intersections.  It’s a tough workout as the loess soil is very loose and can suck your momentum particularly on the trails that are shared with horses.

The Community Bicyclist

The trail on top of the ridges is fast and fun, the climbs are brutal and the drops can be hair-raising. I’ll be doing an adventure race here next week, long pants will be in order.  Also, getting done as early as possible before it get too hot would be a real good idea.

Anyway the park showers were convenient after the ride and the drive up Crowley’s Ridge Scenic Byway was beautiful.  This place is a real gem in the eastern part of Arkansas.

Searcy County Waterfall
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