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First, let me apologize for the late notice. Things move quickly sometimes. I was recently contacted by Michael Chaffin with the Capital Hotel. He had found out that the Tour of Duty Ride was coming through central Arkansas but wasn’t making a big deal about it. He worked out an overnight stay at the hotel and a better route through town. Here is some information from the group website about the ride which arrives in the area around 4 pm Thursday August 23rd.

The tour will begin from the USS Midway in San Diego on August 12 th and will finish in New York on September 10 at the USS Intrepid. After covering 4200 kms, 2600 miles and 29 days later. It is a journey we are very much looking forward too.

This event aims to demonstrate the respect and admiration we hold for the military, police, fire- fighters and emergency service workers who serve our countries with diligence, care and selflessness. It will mark the respect for all those who responded to the unimaginable and devastating attacks on September 11 and who continue to serve in the fight against terrorism, for freedom and peace.

The United States and Australia share many common bonds in peace and war, historically, politically and culturally. Our ancestors migrated to establish new frontiers and today we stand united as allies, as we have done in every major conflict since World War I.

We stand together in the continuing battle for justice, liberty and peace. It is our service personnel who give of their lives so that we may all enjoy the quality of life and personal freedoms that we cherish and so often take for granted.

The Tour of Duty team will be the coming together of Australian and American military, police and fire fighting personnel. They will unite in this event to commemorate and reflect upon the service of the people that protect our nations. It will provide the opportunity to celebrate the history shared by our people, the values of humanity, mateship, camaraderie and self sacrifice.

As allies we have a shared history and as allies we shall forge and sustain a future of goodwill, courage and hope.

They are asking all available cyclists to meet them at the Big Dam Bridge, bottom of the new southwest ramp at 4 pm for the ride across the bridge, down the North Little Rock side of the river trail to the Clinton Presidential Library Bridge and then on to the Capitol Building. After a short visit there the ride will then head over to the Capital Hotel and dinner at the Flying Saucer at 7 pm for a meet and greet.

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More Details:

Riders are encouraged to join the group at any point along the route. Below are estimated times of arrival at key points in our area.

Two Rivers Bridge- 3:30 pm
Big Dam Bridge- 4 pm
Bill Clinton Bridge- 4:30 pm
State Capitol- 5 pm
Capital Hotel- 5:30 pm

Searcy County Waterfall

A map of the planned route into town is available on MapMyRide.

Riders are welcome to join in anywhere along the ride but they will not head north across the Big Dam Bridge until 4 pm. It should be a great ride with a great group of people. Let’s get out and show our Arkansas Pride!

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