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We love our trails in Arkansas, the proof is how much effort we put into taking care of them. Here is a list of Facebook groups and pages that trail advocacy groups use to report damage and list trail work days. This past weekend, Arkansas received a lot of rain in a short period of time leading to flooding damage, downed trees, and muddy trails. Please be aware of trail closures due to unsafe, damaged trails by checking with these groups before you go out. If you have information on current conditions of these trails please go ahead and post it up. If you’d like to be involved in fixes, check for a working party and join up. In most situations, the only experience you need is that you’ve held a rake, pruners, shovel or saw. Work parties are lead by experienced trail workers who love to teach the uninitiated in trail repair and maintenance.

Arkansas Trail Fairy, caught in the act.
Arkansas Trail Fairy, caught in the act.

Also, please don’t ride (bike or horse) on wet trails. Always make sure you are working with the local advocacy group and land manager/owner before setting off to make repairs. Thanks.

Black Bass Lake:

Blowing Springs:

Devil’s Den/Fossil Flats:

Hobbs State Park:

Lake Atalanta:

Lake Bella Vista:

Lake Fayetteville:

Lake Leatherwood:

Lincoln Lake:

Mudtown BMX Track:

Mt. Kessler:

Mt. Sequoyah:

Old Post:

Ouita Coal Company:

The Railyard Bike Park:

Slaughter Pen:

Thunder Chicken:

Upper Buffalo:

Conway Area (Cadron & Enders Fault):

Cedar Glades:

Iron Mountain:

Central Arkansas Trails (General):

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Little Rock Trails:

Northeast Arkansas (Craighead Forest and Lake Bono):

Fleet Feet Little Rock
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