Video Proof of the 2013 Cyclocross State Championships

Mullet Run - Northwoods Trails - Hot Springs

You read yesterdays article on the last race of the official Arkansas cyclocross season…you may have even scrolled through the hundreds of photos of the epicness of this grand event… you might have even been there in Rogers, AR, cheering on the racers. What you didn’t get was the color commentary from the Belgian announcers that those at home watching live through a complicated assortment of European internet feeds enjoyed. Good news if you want the full scoop on the races. We obtained a bootleg copy of the highlight reel from that very broadcast. So sit back, relax and enjoy over 6 minutes of brutal racing.

2013 Arkansas State Cyclocross Championship from ArkansasOutside on Vimeo.

(editor’s note: upon review and translation, it is obvious that the Belgian announcers had been hitting the St. Bernardus Abt 12, a 10% ABV fine brew, pretty heavily or were actually watching a different race as they made no sense at all and kept slurring their words.)

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