We Have a New Festival!

Fleet Feet Little Rock
Mountain Biker enjoying the ride!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to represent Arkansas State Parks at the CARPe Diem Mountain Bike Festival at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock. Our booth was set up next to friends from FoOT (Friends of Ouachita Trail), Ozark Extreme Adventure Racing, Teen Challenge and CARP (Central Arkansas Recreational Pedalers). A more honorable group you will not find. Besides us, several cycling stores were represented.

Mullet Run - Northwoods Trails - Hot Springs

The race organizers, Bell & Company Mountain Biking, were great to work with. They had both breakfast and lunch for us, racers and just about anyone else that showed up. As the races started a drum circle formed in the area in front of our booth. They were soon replaced with one of the three bands that would entertain us throughout the day.

The organizers had set up the stage in a fun, unique way. they had a flatbed trailer as a stage and a viewing area for people to watch and dance to the music. The race course actually passed between the stage and the viewing area just before it went to the finish line. It was a nice way of keeping everyone involved in the race.  The racers seemed to have a good time and I know I did.  Looking forward to this event next year, maybe I’ll ride in it.

Arkansas State Parks Booth
Mountian Biker passing the stage
Some drum circles can't be explained...this one shouldn't be explained.
Some drum circles can't be explained...this one shouldn't be explained.
The view from the stage
The Community Bicyclist
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