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Weekend Warriors

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Ahhhhh…..the weekend, a time to relax, do a little grilling, sit out on the deck….NOT! Relaxing is not what most people think of when they hear about our weekends. If we’re not participating in some kind of bike race, run, paddle or other outdoor event, we’re covering it. We try to get in some activity during the week but with day jobs and other family and household duties our time is limited. Pretty much like everyone else it seems. Gone are the days of the two week backpacking and camping trips. Now we only have time for a day or two.  I hope this trend gets reversed not just for us but for everyone. We don’t want to be fitting all of our outdoor adventure time into our lunch breaks.

Good information on what is happening in the industry can be found here Done Over A Lunch Break.

Please don't judge me for using this image.
Please don’t judge me for using this image.

I remember back when a The North Face fleece jacket was something that serious backpackers saved up for a year to get, not something that came in pink for middle school girls to wear with their UGG boots while walking around the mall. I’m not hating on TNF. They still make some great equipment but how long will that last when the real money seems to be made filling back-to-school clothes racks?

Equipment continues to improve making the long trip easier. Shoes, backpacks, cooking gear, sleeping options are always getting better. You don’t have to be cold, your pack doesn’t have to be heavy, your feet don’t have to hurt. If backpacking is not your thing you can work toward other long goals, long runs, long bike rides, long float trips.

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Lets take the long trip. Let’s strive for a little more, let’s try an adventure race, a triathlon, a marathon. Take that multi-day paddling trip or extended backpacking trip you’ve been dreaming of for years. Let’s work toward some distance goals but mainly, get outside. Spend some time there. Enjoy what Arkansas has to offer. Fall is coming, I can feel it in the air. Make plans to get out and enjoy, experience and appreciate the Natural State.

What is your next great adventure?

Watch for an article this afternoon on how you can be an Arkansas Outside Weekend Warrior.

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