Weekends are tough on the food issues….


I go all week, carefully keeping track of my fuel intake using fitday.com. My goal is to keep the total calorie intake below 2000 and the burn rate around 3000. Also, trying to get a higher percentage of protein and some carbs while keeping fat calories to a minimum. Nothing scientific about it just trying to work something out.

The problem is the weekend. We spend a lot of time out of the house doing stuff. I don’t get on the computer at home as much as I used to so I forget to enter my nutritional intake. While out we may be at softball games or basically on the road. That usually means poor eating habits on my part. Add to that the work travel on some week days and I fall of the wagon rather easily.

I wind up with a yo-yo diet that gets me no where. I have some big plans for the fall. A couple of triathlons, a 100-mile bike ride and possibily a return to the Raid the Rock Adventure Race (this would be my 5th). On top of that I’d really like to spend a lot of time outdoors this fall and winter doing some backpacking and kayaking.

Adventure Ozark 8-Hour Adventure Race

My wife is doing a duathlon this weekend that I am just not ready for (not enough running lately). It will be fun to watch her race, something I rarely get a chance to do. I don’t like being on the sidelines though. I watched my daughter do the swim leg of a triathlon with a team several years ago. I was so nervous. Not for her but for the fact that I was watching and not doing. (It’s funny, she has similar issues with theater. If she is not part of the production she is uncomfortable being just a spectator).

Anyway, I will continue to track my nutritional intake, try to up my training and hopefully be ready for the fall fun. Wish me luck. I don’t want to be on the sidelines!

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  1. Interesting point about being a spectator – that’s why I took up photography. During night time or rainy soccer games when I can’t have my camera with me, I’m lost. During particularly stressful points, I just have to walk away.

  2. Geeze, judging from the pic of you at your daughter’s 20th b’day dinner had you looking pretty buff… meant to tell you that. KJ

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