Well, I did it….

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…I skipped an entire month of posting. How do these things happen? Sometimes I get too busy being outside and promoting it in other ways to sit down and talk about it here. For those few who check in on a regular basis, sorry. Now on to the outdoors.

It all started with a double-whammy weekend. First, the Cane Creek Lake Trail was finally Early last month I had a double dedicated. This is a 15.5 mile multi-use trail in Cane Creek State Park. I was the central office representative for the ceremony (that means I was elected to bring the big scissors to cut the ribbon). I was still feeling a little under the weather from a cold the week before but L and I decided to go ride the trail. Unfortunately it was very wet. Still we made it with no real problems. It’s a great trail and the only one of it’s kind or length in southeast Arkansas. There were a bunch of boy scouts there as they were instrumental in building the trail along with Americorp volunteers and park staff. The park staff put on a ride of the park for the boy scouts who paired up (’cause that’s how they roll) and sent them off to do the trail. There is a rustic campground along the trail that will eventually be tied into the kayak trail that the park has. I highly recommend this park.

The next day I went to the Ouachita Challenge Mountain Bike Race, not to ride or race but to help a photo and video crew get some shots of the race. I had done it a couple of years before so I knew the course and volunteered to help out. I also saw my Friends Sarah and Aaron. Always good to hang out with those two. Hopefully the shots will be used for various tourism ads in the future. I paid for it through a nice bout of poison ivy. (Spring is officially here!)

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The rest of the month I just did a couple of short mountain bike rides in and around Little Rock. I have the use of a helmet mounted video camera so I was playing with that some. Now if I can just figure out how to get it into my video editing software I’ll be able to show you some stuff.

Besides a little bit of yard work and some limb trimming, I did get a chance to get out and promote the State Parks and cycling in general this past month.

The Cycling Story – This includes shots of Fred Phillips, owner of DLTMultisport and Operations Manager for the Big Dam Bridge Foundation, also a good friend. Plus some of me blathering on about cycling in Arkansas. Today’s THV – KTHV Little Rock News Article

This next one is about vacationing in an Arkansas State Parks:


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That’s about it for now. A quick FYI, right now the waterfalls in the state are spectacular! See you Outside in Arkansas!

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