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Well, it’s been a while since we’ve talked. Yeah, I know summer ended several weeks ago. So it’s been a crazy summer and first half of fall. So let me catch you up a bit. The past couple of years I have been consumed with the construction of mountain bike trails at Pinnacle Mountain State Park near Little Rock, AR. Well, they are done, kinda’. Close to 8 miles of total trail out there but we want to add a couple of features which could include a little more trail this winter.

Families Enjoy the Rabbit Ridge Mountain Bike Trail.
Families Enjoy the Rabbit Ridge Mountain Bike Trail.

There are two mountain bike trails currently. The Rabbit Ridge Mountain Bike Trail, a beginner trail of about .65 miles designed to be a real introduction to mountain biking complete with roots and rocks. We’ve already seen several kids on it. A great place for families. And the Jackfork Mountain Bike Trail, an intermediate to advanced trail that is just over 7 miles long. This is a workout/training trail, twisty, rocky with several short but step climbs. You will improve both your fitness and your skills on this trail. Here is a short video showcasing some of the features of this trail.

Norfork Adventure Supply


More video of this trail coming. Pinnacle Mountain State Park has a map of both trails available for download. Plus I’ll be letting you know about a lot of other outdoor adventures in Arkansas…promise.


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