The Slobberknocker

What is this Slobberknocker you speak of?

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You may have noticed a race coming up in April called The Slobberknocker. It’s a funny name with a hard-hitting meaning:

slobber-knocker n. especially in American football, a powerful collision or a match featuring unusual physical violence or intense play; (hence) also in other sports, an exciting game; an exciting or emotional event. Also v., slobber-knock, to hit with extreme force; to decleat; also figurative. – from A Way with Words

The event on April 20th has nothing to do with football, American or otherwise and it is hoped that the “physical violence” is kept to a minimum. But even without those segments of the definition, the term is very appropriate. Racers will collide with fierce hills on gravel roads. It is a battle royal between cyclists and climbs. It’s not a fight of precision blows, it’s a slug fest. Winners receive the appropriate reward of 20lb mallets for their efforts.

The Slobberknocker
The Slobberknocker

Speaking of implements of destruction, bike types will be all over the board as each contestant tries to find the perfect tool for the job. Hard-tails, full squish, full rigid, cyclocross even tandem bikes will be out there. We wrote about some of the different bikes last year.

If you haven’t registered yet, don’t let this video from early slobberknocker days deter you.

Okay, so that’s not really from The Slobberknocker but you get the idea. Racers can choose one of two distances, the full on “hitting yourself in the head with a hammer” version at 78 miles or the “I thought this would be easier” 48 mile version. The long course includes about 7000 feet of climbing while the 48 has an easy 4000 feet to ascend. The good news is that what goes up, must come down.


I’ve been told that Arkansas doesn’t have any “real” mountains by folks out west. In the Natural State, it’s not the mountains that will get to you, it’s our deep valleys that are the killer.

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The race is a part of the Arkansas Marathon Mountain Bike Series. This kind of fun is brought to you by CARVE and DLT Events. You can get more information on the Slobberknocker Event Facebook Page and the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series Facebook Page.

Get registered today before it fills up.

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