What is this thing you speak of, training?

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I seem to remember when I started this blog some time ago that I did not intend for it to become a training blog. At this point I’m not really sure what my intention was but with the small amount of training I do I guess it wouldn’t be enough to write about.

I do have a link to my Fitday account on the right if anyone is really interested. As most people who know me can attest, I don’t really train. I just enjoy myself until it’s painful and then do a little more. That said, I’m beginning to realize that as I get older my recovery is not as quick as it once was. I need to change some bad habits.

I do know what proper training is. I spent many years on swim teams where we did drills for speed and technique. What I need to do is begin applying some of this knowledge to the bike, runs and yes, back in the pool. I’d like to get better at the triathlons and get back into adventure racing but I can’t do it with this weekend warrior stuff anymore.

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All this to say, you may see more training trickling into the blog. If you feel I’m slacking kick me in the comment section. Right now L and I are getting ready for the CARTI Tour de Rock next weekend. We are planning on doing the 50 mile course. To better prepare, we did a 30 mile bike ride on Saturday that included 2 trips up Ft. Roots. Then on Sunday we did a 41 mile ride from Little Rock out to Scott and back. It was hot and windy. A couple of short rides this week would be a good way to make sure we are ready.

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You can make a donation for the ride to CARTI at my donation page: Joe’s Tour de Rock Page. Thanks.

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  1. Training? Isn’t that one of those big coal powered things that moves on tracks?

    Good job on surviving the sauna this weekend.

  2. I hear the train a comin’, It’s rollin’ round the bend
    And I ain’t seen the sunshine
    Since I don’t know when
    I’m stuck in Folsom Prison
    And time keeps draggin’ on

    Come on, sing it with me sister Sarah

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