Where did they come from?

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Last week I posted an article on the 2011 Raid the Rock Adventure Race. The race organizers were kind enough to share the zip codes of the participants with me and I came up with this map:

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Where did the Raid the Rock Participants come from?
Where did the Raid the Rock Participants come from?

They did miss a zip code from Colorado (late entry) and you can see that this particular adventure race brought visitors to Central Arkansas from as far away as Iowa, South Carolina, Round Rock, Texas and South Louisiana. Even many from within the state would have had to spend the night in the Little Rock/North Little Rock area to make it to both a pre-race meeting on Friday night and a 5 a.m. start on Saturday. I’ve also posted this kind of map for the Big Dam Bridge 100. Obviously these kinds of events bring a lot of money into the area.

Good information for race organizers who are looking for sponsors.

Searcy County - Witts Springs
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