Where the heck have I been?

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Here, like always.

Besides a pretty good bit of indoor workouts on the bike trainer and some weight work we got out to Burns Park in North Little Rock this weekend.

Now I’m not much of a runner but I came up with the ingenious plan to run from the soccer fields at Burns Park to the Emerald Point trail, up to the top of Ft. Roots and down the east side. Then we would continue running back along the river trail to the fields. Great idea right? Not if you haven’t been running much lately. My hip flexors have been killing me since Sunday.


On Monday I drove out to Western Arkansas to pay a visit to Queen Wilhelmina State Park. I had a meeting with the Superintendent. Rich Mountain was in a cloud and it was cold. The over two hour drive didn’t help my soreness at all.

Time to get back on the horse!

The Community Bicyclist

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  1. I use to ride my bike from the house in hillcrest to the west side sideback of Emerald; change shoes, and run up, over, down and back around. That hill is a pretty good one.

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