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The interpreters for the Arkansas State Parks came up with a great phrase when they are deciding if an interpretive program is appropriate for one of the parks, “So What!” That is probably a good thing to remember when posting on the blog. So I say, “So What!”

You see, I have this thing for the outdoors, kind of an obsession. As a kid I spent a lot of time in the Rocky Mountains on family vacations. We lived in Eastern Montana which is relatively flat but we would haul the camper and a ski boat up into Canada, Western Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, the Dakotas…. To this day when I’ve been in the flat lands too long and I’m driving toward mountains a euphoric feeling comes over me. If my family is asleep in the car when I first see the mountains come over the horizon I will let them sleep. This is my time. In the 80’s and 90’s I made several trips to Montana, Wyoming and Idaho to go backpacking with friends I had grown up with. Always some of my best memories. I’ve backpacked the Shenandoah mountains, the Smokies, the Ozarks, it’s all good and I look forward to more.

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Moving forward…I’m trained in marketing and sales and worked in those fields for over 20 years before taking a job as the Marketing and Revenue manager for Arkansas State Parks. Now I get to spend time traveling in and promoting the Natural State.

So is this blog a promotion piece for Arkansas State Parks. Nahhhhh! Although I do incorporate my state park experiences I like writing about all kinds of outdoor activities that I have the privilege to enjoy in Arkansas. Outdoor concerts, hiking, photography, kayaking, cycling, etc. I love it all. I do have one ulterior motive. I want more people to get out from in front of their TVs, computers and other indoor distractions and come see what they are missing. So come along for the ride. But please don’t spend all your time here. Your instructions are (1)Open the door. (2)Step outside. (3)Shut the door. (4)Explore!

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  1. So, I should stop complaining about my fat arse, and actually get out and do something about it? Good grief, what’s the world coming to.

  2. Your father and I would like for you to not stand so close to the edge of those rocks! I’m sure I see a crack!

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