Worthless & Weak!


Okay, yeah, I did it….I set up the bike trainer in the house. Why you may ask would I need to do that when I live in the Natural State with all these wonderful places go ride my bike. Well, short answer…I’m worthless and weak! We have some wonderful night rides going on in Central Arkansas both road and mountain bike night rides but it’s cold and dark and besides weekdays are pretty busy and number of other excuses that I can easily make up.

So I put the trainer in the basement with a 9 inch tv/dvd combo that I had sitting around. This kills many excuses at once although I’m sure I can come up with others that will help with trainer avoidance. I even have a short term goal of watching the complete set of Monty Python’s Flying Circus while spinning this winter away. Now we’re talking motivation!

I still plan to ride on weekends when I’m not working on trail but that is not enough to be in decent riding shape by this Spring. So here we go. But don’t count me out on some of the night rides. You never know when I’ll be overcome with gumption.

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