Hat in photo is not representative of actual prize (you don't get one, it's not real anyway).

Your Selfie Could Bring You Fame and Fortune

Searcy County Waterfall
Hat in photo is not representative of actual prize (you don't get one, it's not real anyway).
Hat in photo is not representative of actual prize (you don’t get one, it’s not real anyway).

My friends at Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters in Hot Springs are real nice folks and they wanted to help you with your shopping this holiday season. By “you” I mean an Arkansas Outside reader. They handed over a $50 gift card and told me to give it to someone. Now that’s the easy part, figuring out who is a little different.

I could split it up but with well over 4000 Facebook fans I would have to cut it into very small pieces which could easily be lost before being redeemed.

I thought about pretending that I gave it to an anonymous someone. Then I could pick up a new pair of gloves at Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters for Lisa and call it Christmas but a little white angel that unfortunately looks like me popped up on my shoulder and kicked the butt of the little red devil with a pitchfork on my other shoulder who gave me the idea.

So after much calculating, a long talk with my accountant and a quick inventory of AO stuff I made a decision. Let’s make a proper contest out of this. Let’s add some AO gear. So here is what you’ll be competing for:

Fleet Feet Little Rock
  • $50 Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters Gift Card.
  • AO Noggin Insulator (one size fits most).
  • 6-Pack of AO Recovery Beverage Insulators.
  • 4-Pack of AO window, bumper, fairing, trailer, Grandma’s Buick, Radio Flyer Wagon, girlfriend’s back pocket (for Mr. Prater) sticker.

That’s right all your Christmas shopping done or, if you don’t have one of those white-clad, look-a-likes with wings on your shoulder, lots of stuff for you.

Stuff that could be yours...
Stuff that could be yours…

Here’s how you enter:

  1. Take a selfie while playing outside in Arkansas (we recommend using a smartphone if you have one), duck face optional.
  2. Post this photo on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram with the following hashtags: #doitwithalocal #AROutside (IT HAS TO HAVE BOTH HASHTAGS!)
  3. Do 20 push-ups and 50 squats (we’ll have to trust you on this).
  4. Do this no later than December 15, 2013 at Midnight.

How the judging is done:

  1. On Monday, December 16, 2013 our over qualified and under paid panel of contest experts will search the web for photos that include those two hashtags (IT HAS TO HAVE BOTH HASHTAGS!).
  2. All entries will be place in an International Board of Internet Contests Commission Association (IBICCA) approved piece of Tupperware  and a winner will be drawn (other more high-tech winner picking devices might be used if budget allows).

Then what happens?

  1. The winner will be contacted and told that they are responsible for all taxes on the winnings (suckers).
  2. Cool stuff listed above will be sent to the winner (no guarantees on delivery before Christmas, we procrastinated on starting this contest, what makes you think shipping will be any different).
  3. The winning photo (along with any others that we really like) will be posted in an article on ArkansasOutside.com.
  4. You’ll then be famous.

When does the contest start?


Other Rules: Win or Lose, NO WHINING!

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