Searcy County Waterfall

Arkansas High Country Race Rules:

  1. This is a self-supported ultra-biking event. Riders are expected to self-police themselves regarding the rules.
  2. “Self-Supported” means that the rider is completing this course solo. No sag van.  No food/gear/water caches.  No drafting. No calling a buddy to bring a pizza and beer.
  3. Riders should post the mandatory selfies – while on-route – within twelve hours of arriving at the selfie-stop. The selfies are to be posted on the race Facebook page.    These selfie-stops serve as virtual checkpoints. 
  4. The ArHCrace will follow the Adventure Cycling Association route of the same name. Riders should contact ACA for maps, GPX files, and phone apps.  The race will follow the perimeter – don’t take the cut-off routes.  If you have the kahunas, you may ride the singletrack options detailed in the ACA maps.
  5. Riders may ride the loop clockwise or counterclockwise.
  6. Riders should attend the pre-race meeting on the night before the start.
  7. Track Leaders will provide SPOT services. Riders should register on the TrackLeaders website.  Riders should attend the pre-race meeting to receive their SPOT and sign a waiver.
  8. Riders must have the SPOT running when they are advancing on the course. In the event of SPOT failure through mechanical or user error, the rider will be required to provide a GPS track from their phone or backup GPS unit.  Failure to do so can result in disqualification.
  9. No electric bikes.  I can’t believe that I have to put this in the rules.
  10. Finishing times and places will be determined by SPOT trackers.
  11. Riders may accept spontaneous support from the businesses and/or private citizens along the route. In other words, trail magic is allowed. Family and buddies should refrain from providing support to a rider unless they make the same support available to ALL participants (Trail Angels).  No pacers or follow-along-rider-friends.  Yogi gifts are legal.
  12. Trail Angels should not jump forward on the course to provide continuous assistance for a select group of riders. Riders should refuse help from a trail angel who repeatedly reappears on the course.  Trail Angels should stay in one place as long as possible and serve as many riders as possible.
  13. Riders may leave the course for medical, mechanical, lodging, & food, but should return to the course at the same point to continue.

Mandatory Selfie-Stops

  1. Forked Pinnacle
  2. Dicks Gap Overlook
  3. Queen Wilhelmina State Park
  4. Mount Magazine State Park
  5. Pilot Rock
  6. White Rock Mountain
  7. Beaver Bridge
  8. Boxley Valley
  9. Richland Creek Bridge
  10. Blanchard Springs
  11. Toad Suck
  12. Finish Photo at the Clinton Center Park Bridge

** Selfie is loosely defined.  Feel free to get an innocent bystander to snap your picture.  You may photograph your steed instead of yourself.

Safety Rules and Risk Management Plan

  1. Riders are responsible for their own health and welfare. A helmet must be worn.  Riders should seek medical help or emergency services if the situation warrants.  Don’t be stupid:  pull the plug if you are hurt or sick.  Riders shall FIRST call 911and/or engage their SPOT unit if they or another rider need emergency services.
  2. Riders who withdraw – DNF (Did Not Finish) – should post on the ArHC race Facebook page ASAP. Failure to officially withdraw may result in unwarranted worry by loved ones and un-necessary searches by emergency personnel.
  3. Riders shall follow road laws.
  4. All riders must complete the race waiver.
  5. A rider must be a legal adult to ride the ArHC race.
  6. Riders should not ride in weather that will cause physical danger such as lightning storms, tornados, floods, and heavy downpours.
  7. Riders should be prepared for extreme heat and modify their plans if heat causes unsafe riding conditions.
  8. A helmet must be worn while cycling during the race.
  9. Riders must carry a SPOT unit for emergency use on the ArHC race.
  10. Riders are responsible for ensuring that their bicycle is in good working order before the race.
  11. Front and rear lights are required if the rider is riding in darkness.
  12. Riders are responsible for ensuring they are sufficiently fit for the race.
  13. Riders are responsible for sufficient drinks, food, and appropriate tools/ spare tubes, etc.
  14. Riders are expected not to be under the influence of alcohol or any drug that could impair their riding ability and judgment while riding.
  15. Wave to automobile drivers. Be an ambassador for cycling.
  16. Don’t trespass. Stealth camping prohibited. Get permission. You will not be DQed, but you might be arrested.  Be an ambassador for cycling.
  17. Don’t litter. Be an ambassador for cycling.
  18. Tip the wait staff. Be an ambassador for cycling.
  19. Don’t be a jerk. Be nice.  Help your fellow riders.  Be an ambassador for cycling.

  1. Any and every accident on the race shall be reported as soon as possible to the race administrators via the facebook page or email. Race administrators will contact local authorities as appropriate.
  2. Race administrators shall monitor the progress of the riders twice a day via TrackLeader. If a rider’s dot disappears or stops moving or leaves the course, the race administers will attempt to contact the rider, and/or the emergency contact, and/or the local authorities as appropriate.
NWACC - Trail Tech