Arkansans Celebrate Movement on Global Running Day 2024

Arkansans Celebrate Movement on Global Running Day 2024

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Yesterday, on June 5th, runners worldwide laced up their shoes and pounded the pavement in honor of Global Running Day. This annual event celebrates the sport of running, promoting its accessibility and the numerous benefits it offers for people of all ages and abilities. We attended The Big (Trail) Run hosted by Fleet Feet – Little Rock and Brooks Running to celebrate. The event took place in beautiful weather at Western Hills Park, Little Rock, AR. A good crowd gathered late in the day for a 5K-ish run followed by free beer and pizza. Noelle Coughlan of Fleet Feet held a raffle for t-shirts and entries into upcoming races like The Firecracker Fast 5K, The Scorchin’ Squirrel Trail Run, and Race the Base Trail Run. (Enjoy the video at the end of the article)

Running through Western Hills Park.
Running through Western Hills Park.

A Global Movement

From seasoned marathoners to curious first-timers, Global Running Day fosters a sense of community among runners. Many cities organized races or group runs specifically for the occasion, providing a welcoming atmosphere for beginners to experience the joy of running alongside others.

A Day Rooted in Inclusivity

The beauty of Global Running Day lies in its inclusivity. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone just starting out, the day encourages participation. For those new to running, it can be the push they need to take that first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Runners spreading out shortly after the start.
Runners spread out shortly after the start.

The Enduring Appeal of Running

Running offers a multitude of advantages. It strengthens the cardiovascular system, builds endurance, and elevates mood. As a low-impact exercise requiring minimal equipment, running is accessible to a vast majority of people.

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Celebrating the Journey

Global Running Day goes beyond just competition or achieving a specific pace. It’s about celebrating the act of running itself. Whether you participated in a race, embarked on a solo run, or simply encouraged a friend to join you for a walk or jog, you were part of a global movement.

Gudrun Mountain Bike Festival
Noelle and one of the runners.
Noelle (left) and one of the runners.

Looking Forward to Next Year

As the dust settles on another successful Global Running Day, the event leaves a lasting impact. It inspires individuals to continue their running journeys or embark on new ones. The momentum generated by this day will undoubtedly carry over, motivating people to keep moving and embrace the numerous benefits running offers.


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