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This past weekend was the Little Rock Marathon and true to form, it was HUGE! We could have stationed people all over the place to do big coverage but plenty of media organizations were already doing that. We could have asked a friend to do a write up for us as we have in the past. But no, we chickened out and decided to follow a bunch of cycling friends in a new bike race just East of North Little Rock.

Of course, we can’t just leave it alone so we decided to have Nicholas check around and find us links to a bunch of different perspectives of the run. He did great as usual. We have some from out of state (yes, people fly into Little Rock to do the marathon), some first timers, a running magazine executive, some videos and a cyclist. Here is a snippet from each and a link to their story. Enjoy..

Girls on the Run 901 (a running group)

Throughout this journey we call running, all of us have learned so much about ourselves and each other. With every race eyes are opened to new and exiting things from how to sleep in one room with 6 girls and one bathroom to how we cope with race nerves, to who snores or who has quirky eating habits. But more importantly we are learning about character, what shapes us, how to be better runners, and most importantly,how to encourage and support each other! (more)

Robert James Reese (Executive Producer for

Some would say that flying down to Arkansas at the end of winter to run a race is crazy. They’re probably right; it probably is. But, if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have had a chance to explore what is now one of my favorite towns in the country, my marathon personal record would be 27 seconds slower than it currently is, and I wouldn’t have had people stopping by my desk at work all day to gawk at my ridiculously large medal. (more)

50 Half Marathons 50 States (I think she’s from out West)

The Little Rock marathon was pretty much the last “distance” race I signed up for before I realized how bad my IT band injury was. I signed up August 1, opening day, which was a few weeks before my injury hit rock bottom.
I had been dreading it a bit, as I haven’t been spending that much time on my feet, and I haven’t had that great of a marathon (or even a half for that matter) in ages. (more)

The Ederington Family (First Timer)

Well, I ran my first marathon and I really don’t know what to do with myself now.  This entire experience reminds me of giving birth to a child.  You train and have intermittent periods of discomfort.  You begin the race and you are so excited, but in a few hours you are experiencing miserable pain and just ready for it all to be over.  FINALLY you cross the finish line and experience a rush of joy that makes you forget all the awfulness. (more)

Cabot Country Cruisers (First Timer Allyson Hodge)

After months and many, many miles I was ready to run my first marathon- LR. I was a little nervous that I was going to be by myself for the entire 26.2 miles when I had always had awesome running partners for the long runs. I was surprised when my brother texted me the night before asking if he could run with me. He had never run more than 12 miles and this was his first marathon. (more)

Eddie McCoy (enjoying the sites and sounds)

2013 Little Rock Marathon from Eddie McCoy on Vimeo.

Cabot Country Cruisers (The Marathon for Me – by Jane Gunter)

The Marathon for me…..
First, I love the Little Rock challenging as it is. This would have been my fourth time. The weather was perfect…the crowd was exhilirating..the sun was out…time to run!!!
At mile 2, my knee started hurting – mile 4, I started walking a lot. Starting crying when Julie Severns came by me and said hello because I knew at that point I was in trouble. (more)

JBar Cycling (The Marathon as Viewed from behind Bars)

Thousands of scantily clad women….
Well, OK, there were thousands of scantily clad men, as well, shivering in the cold Sunday morning as they took to the line for the start of the 2013 Little Rock Marathon.
For the last few years, the Marathon has deployed volunteer bicycle escorts to help keep the route clear and communicate any problems encountered along the course. Bikes are unobtrusive, mobile, and provide a runner’s eye view, so cyclists have a perspective that is unavailable to static observers or vehicular escorts. (more)

MarathonJourney does the Little Rock Marathon v2.26

Run Drunk – Confessions of a Lazy Runner (another newbie)

This past Sunday I ran my FIRST FULL at the Little Rock Marathon! Since I live in Little Rock now I had the advantage of running with the amazing training group lead by Tom & Hobbit here every Saturday. Even after following the training schedule and running parts of the course I was scared, but I gathered all my running junk and went to bed early. (more)

The Lewis Quiverfull (working up to the big run)

It started out with just a little exercise to prevent weight gain over the holidays in 2011. Just a simple couch to 5K program, 10 minute abs- nothing major, just wanted to shed a few baby pounds and not gain any extra. After the holidays I knew I would need some motivation to keep me from stopping the exercise programs since the holidays were over. So I signed up for the Little Rock 5K with a goal of running the entire race. I attained my goal and felt great. I was amazed at how many people were doing this run/walk. I was hooked. (more)

All Sports Productions - Legend Highlands

ICE.ATHLETES (Nicholas has his own take pre-race)

Excitement is in the air for Little Rock Marathon weekend!  People are coming in from everywhere to see what Little Rock has to offer.  Whether you’re looking to do your first, scratch off another state, or become the proud owner of one of Little Rock’s Flavor Flav medals, I hope you are feeling lucky!  Downtown will be ground zero for many of the happenings in The Rock.  (more)

Congratulations to all the runners, volunteers, organizers on another big year of reaching beyond your limits.



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