Cycle of Influence Summit is BACK!

Cycle of Influence Summit is BACK!

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Discover the cutting-edge thought leadership in cycling and outdoor industries at the upcoming Cycle of Influence Summit (COI) in Bentonville, Arkansas from September 12-14, 2023. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the game. Register now! (Make sure to get the Arkansas Outside Readers Special of 20% off by using the code ARKout20/ at checkout.)

Sergio Bravo, the mastermind behind Bentonville’s Cycle of Influence Summit, is deeply invested in continuing the important discussions that took place at the Inaugural COI Summit last year. The summit aims to unite the most innovative thinkers in the cycling world and tackle the significant transformations taking place in the industry.

According to Bravo, “At COI, our aim is to revitalize the cycling industry’s approach to industry events by fostering a community-oriented environment. Our expertly curated panelists engage in thought-provoking discussions about current trends that impact the cycling and outdoor industries. Attendees are passionate about personal and professional growth, and COI provides ample opportunities for networking, stimulating conversations, and off-site tours. Our unique location in Bentonville, AR adds to the overall experience.”

Thoughtful discussions with industry leaders.
Thoughtful discussions with industry leaders.

To initiate conversation, Bravo has set each issue into focused discussions. The five areas of concentration consist of:

  • Innovating for Tomorrow Gain insight into the thought processes and methods of the panelists as they pave the way for future innovations in bicycle and product design.

  • Advocating for Equal Opportunity and Representation for Women (All Women Panel) – Our panel of talented and perspective-driven women emphasizes the importance of fostering a community that supports strong and visible female role models. We advocate for equal opportunity and representation in all areas, recognizing that women bring equal talent to any skill or decision.

  • eBike Success Brings New Challenges. Searching for Solutions – The bicycling industry is currently abuzz with the popularity of eBikes. However, this surge in commercial opportunities has also led to a host of new and unresolved issues. To effectively navigate the challenges posed by eBike legislation, trail access, battery safety, and class, the panel will explore how we can best capitalize on the benefits of the sales boom while mitigating potential drawbacks.

  • Brand Authenticity in Marketing – The Message Matters – To effectively deliver your message to customers, it’s crucial to understand their wants and needs while keeping an eye on trends. Our panel delves into the do’s and don’ts of creating successful interactions.

  • Service Education is the New Key to IBD Success – Join our panel of expert educators as they explore the crucial role of service in the post-COVID era and how it can be the key to your shop’s success.

Touring the Bentonville Trails from the best perspective.
Touring the Bentonville Trails from the best perspective.

Besides the lineup of thought-provoking discussions, the summit also offers a reception at the Blake St. House, Meals, a guided mountain bike ride, or the opportunity to take a guided ride tour of Bentonville trail building.

The two field trips serve as a perfect compliment for the Service Education panel or something like that.

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  • Thaden School Wheels Lab – A bike-centric space for grades 6-12. In Wheels, students focus on three main principles–riding, wrenching, and reimagining. Classes cover topics like trail building, bicycle maintenance, safe riding, and more.
  • NWACC* Service Technicians School – Visit one of the most innovative and comprehensive certification programs, supported by the BIEA, for our future shop technicians, and beyond. (*North Western Arkansas Community College).

For more information, go to the Cycle of Influence website, and don’t forget that discount code.

Field trips give attendees a chance to tie discussion to real life situations.
Field trips give attendees a chance to tie discussion to real life situations.

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