24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell - Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Jasper, AR.

Is Arkansas About to Become the South’s New Climbing Capital? — Access Fund

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Arkansas Outside note: Mountain biking can be a gateway to more diverse outdoor activities in Arkansas. Rock climbing, paddling, backpacking, hiking, and trail running are all exciting participatory sports that should be considered destination activities in Arkansas. The state boasts a strong climbing culture, with notable national events like the 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell and beloved climbing destinations such as Sam’s Throne, Mount Magazine, and Jamestown Crag.

Below is a recent article from The Access Fund contemplating the expected growth of climbing in The Natural State.

When did you become a climbing advocate? For Dennis Nelms, co-founder of Climb Bentonville gym in Bentonville, Arkansas, the moment came the day he realized that access to nearly every route in the state could disappear overnight. Crags in Arkansas are on a mix of public and private lands, both of which need special protections for long-term access. In Arkansas, those protections are few and far between.

Gudrun - Northwoods Trails

Arkansas might not be the first place that comes to mind when one thinks about climbing advocacy, partly because that advocacy work has not always been visible on a national level. But as the state transforms into a hub for the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts, climbers have a unique opportunity to protect and conserve the land, secure sustainable access, and…(more)

Source: Is Arkansas About to Become the South’s New Climbing Capital? — Access Fund

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