Little Rock to Soar to New Heights with Pinnacle Mountain Chairlift Groundbreaking

Little Rock to Soar to New Heights with Pinnacle Mountain Chairlift Groundbreaking

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Little Rock, Arkansas (April 1, 2024) – Get ready to reach new heights! The journey to the breathtaking summit of Pinnacle Mountain just outside of Little Rock is about to get a whole lot easier and more scenic. Today, local officials and dignitaries gathered to celebrate the groundbreaking of a brand new chairlift system that will transport visitors effortlessly to the top of the iconic landmark.

“For generations, Pinnacle Mountain has been a beloved destination for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts in our community,” said Slothius Slackford, Chief Leasure Officer for Arkansas State Parks. “This new chairlift system will not only make the summit more accessible to everyone, but it will also provide visitors with a truly unique and unforgettable way to experience the beauty of the Arkansas landscape.”

Engineers rendition of the chairlift design, courtesy of Wheely Lazy Engineering, LLC
Engineers rendition of the chairlift design, courtesy of Wheely Lazy Engineering, LLC

The new chairlift system, designed by Wheely Lazy Engineering, LLC of Incline, AR, will boast 25 comfortable and secure chairs, each capable of carrying 4 passengers. The scenic ride to the top will take approximately 10 minutes, offering riders stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Searcy County Waterfall

“We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting project that will bring Pinnacle Mountain to a whole new audience,” said Lazlo Ascendor, Posterior engineer for WLE, “The chairlift will be a marvel of modern engineering, designed to blend seamlessly with the natural beauty of the mountain.”

The groundbreaking ceremony marks a significant step forward in developing the chairlift project. Construction is expected to begin immediately, with a targeted completion date in late August of this year.

About Pinnacle Mountain

Pinnacle Mountain, a majestic peak overlooking the city of Little Rock, Arkansas, is a popular destination for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. The mountain offers stunning views, hiking trails, and a rich history. The new chairlift system will make Pinnacle Mountain even more accessible and enjoyable for visitors of all ages and abilities.

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20 Responses

    1. If “Natural” = inaccessible for Arkansans like myself who enjoyed the summit before disability, then remove it.
      The ability to enjoy as much of the beauty and diversity that this state offers should be extended in as many ways as possible.

  1. This should help older people such as myself to be able to see the sights, kudos for the effort.

  2. Look at the company name… this is a very poorly chosen joke and these people are jerks for lacking the wherewithal to let other fool’s bandy the BS. Also, there is no city named Incline, AR.

  3. With the way the current Gov wants to promote this state, I wouldn’t be surprised. In fact, I think this is more of a warning of things to come instead of a joke.

  4. Arkansas is the best. I been to most all states and Canada. For the ease to get to Arkansas rules for me. Louisiana resident.

  5. This could have been a funny April Fools joke if it hadn’t jumped to branding accessibility as a solution for laziness. This was executed in poor taste.

    “Good comedy and satire punches upward. It pokes fun at the powerful, the entitled, the institutions. A good irreverent and offensive comedian still stirs the pot, but he or she does it at the expense of institutions and repositories of power, not the disadvantaged. Anyone can make fun of the disadvantaged, and no real comedic skill or cleverness is required to do it.

    Bullies, conversely, punch downward. You don’t have to be particularly edgy or clever to spot a marginalized group in society and simply reinforce society’s stereotypes about them by regurgitating tired old jokes about that group.”

  6. We’ve received a few emails and comments about our April Fools Day article (yes, it was just a joke).

    Complaints included the opinion that we were making fun of an accessibility issue. We get it. Everyone wants access to all the cool places.

    While we don’t know of any movement that would create better accessibility to the summit of Pinnacle Mountain, we do know of a great way to help with accessibility in Little Rock.

    The Arkansas River Trail is a wonderful facility offering accessibility to everyone BUT some sections are not accessible for many perspective users.

    You can help to make the Arkansas River Trail more accessible by supporting Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas in their Close the Loop Initiative. Please, go to the link below to learn more and see how you can help. They are not looking for money, only support. Thanks.

    1. I realize it’s just a joke but something I’d personally love to see. Not only just to upset all the people who were so deeply offended by this idea, but also so lazy people like me could ride in comfort with ease through the beautiful landscape. Hopefully with a cooler full of icy cold beverages in peace while the rest of my family took the suckers way up😂😂😂. Great joke. I really enjoyed it.

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