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Last Summer the Ozark Outdoor Foundation announced that it would support a new expedition-length adventure race in the Ozarks that would be a part of the Adventure Racing World Series. Expedition-length adventure races run up to 5-8 days and are not for the casual athlete. Spending a week trekking, paddling, mountain biking, and climbing across some of the most rugged terrain in the country takes a certain level of both physical and mental fitness. Expedition Ozark will be such an event.

According to the website, “Expedition Ozark will be a true test of endurance, teamwork and mental toughness. Teams (2-4 members) will have 5 days to complete a 390 mile course covering the Northwest Arkansas region of the Ozarks.”

Raid the Rock - Orienteering
Raid the Rock – Orienteering

Remember, this is not a relay. the 2-4 member teams must stay together throughout the race and complete all of the sections as one. This is not a stage race where you race each day and rest at night, the races are competing for 24 hours a day for 5 days.

But isn’t there something easier?

So you don’t have the training or skills to complete the expedition. Maybe you don’t have the time to take a week off work to barely sleep in the Ozark wilderness. Yeah, that’s it, it’s a time thing. Well, race organizer, Danny Collins came up with an option for you, an 8-hour event. Yesterday, he released the details.

The Community Bicyclist

“This 8 hour (Lite version) race is the perfect introductory event into the sport of Adventure Racing. Maps will be pre-plotted and navigation will be accessible for all experience levels. The race will include biking (both single track and gravel), trekking and paddling around the Bentonville, AR area.”

Raid the Rock - Paddling
Raid the Rock – Paddling

Orienteering is a skill that not many people have a lot of use for anymore with the plethora of car and phone navigation devices, so having the maps pre-plotted goes a long way to helping novice adventure racers. The race consists of 26 miles of cycling, 10 miles of trekking, and 4 miles of paddling. This is a great distance for those wanting to give adventure racing a try. Registration is now open for this race.

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Raid the Rock - Trekking
Raid the Rock – Trekking

(All photos are from Raid the Rock Adventure Race, taken by Arkansas Outside)

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