Pedal Kids USA: A New Era for Buddy Pegs

Pedal Kids USA: A New Era for Buddy Pegs

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Buddy Pegs, a beloved name in the family biking community of Bentonville, AR, is excited to announce a significant transformation. Effective January 2nd, 2024, our business will operate under a new name: Pedal Kids USA. This change reflects our expanded commitment to youth cycling and our aspirations to inspire young riders nationwide.

A Decade of Growth and a Vision for the Future:

  • Youth Cycling Revival: Our big goal is to develop a national youth cycling education framework for Pre-K through Middle School ages, aspiring to double the number of kids on bikes in the US and return youth cycling to its levels in the year 2000, fostering a healthier, more active generation.

  • Combating Childhood Mental Health Decline: According to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), in the decade leading up to the pandemic, there was already a 40% increase in feelings of persistent sadness and hopelessness, as well as in suicidal thoughts and behaviors among young people. In an era marked by a significant decline in childhood mental health, cycling emerges as a crucial tool; offering a physical and mental counterbalance to the increasingly sedentary, indoor, digital childhood.

  • Expansion into New Markets: Building on our success in NW Arkansas and Kansas City, we’re expanding into Dallas-Ft Worth in 2024. This growth is complemented by the launch of online classes for families nationwide and consulting services for other youth cycling program providers.

  • Bentonville: Our Home and National Model: While extending our reach, Bentonville remains our cherished home base and the pinnacle of our model of support for youth and family cycling. Our continued presence here plays a pivotal role in highlighting this model cycling community on a national stage.

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Founder Scott Fitzgerald working with a young cyclist.
Founder Scott Fitzgerald working with a young cyclist.

Continuing the Legacy of Buddy Pegs:

While embracing our new identity as Pedal Kids USA, the legacy of Buddy Pegs will not fade away. The name Buddy Pegs will continue to represent:

  • Buddy Pegs Programming for Young Cyclists: The earliest ages of our programming, catering to children aged 2-5 years, will proudly carry the Buddy Pegs name. This foundational program will continue to introduce young children to the world of biking, nurturing the next generation of cycling enthusiasts.

  • Buddy Pegs Family Bike Shop: Our Bentonville bike shop, renowned for its family-focused offerings, will retain the name Buddy Pegs, symbolizing our roots and ongoing commitment to family cycling.

  • Buddy Pegs Media: Books, podcasts, and video content to support the family cycling journey.

A Word from the Founder:

Scott Fitzgerald, the founder of Buddy Pegs, shares his enthusiasm: “As we celebrate a decade of growth and impact, the name ‘Buddy Pegs’ no longer encompasses the breadth of our vision and achievements. Since relocating to Bentonville in 2019, we’ve seen an incredible surge in youth cycling momentum and our entire team is thrilled to embrace ‘Pedal Kids USA’ – a name that encapsulates our journey and future aspirations. We are committed to making a national impact, fostering a love for cycling among the youth of today.”

The Commitment Continues:

As we transition to Pedal Kids USA, the spirit and mission of Buddy Pegs live on. Our foundational programs for children aged 2-5 will continue under the Buddy Pegs banner, nurturing young riders at the earliest stages of their cycling journey.

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