Walmart Launches Mountain Bike Brand Under Ozark Trail Name

Walmart Launches Mountain Bike Brand Under Ozark Trail Name

Ozark Outdoor Supply Spring Hiking Ad

(From Walmart release, see our thoughts at the end.)

For some people, spring means cleaning. But for others, it actually means getting dirty. Why? Because it’s mountain bike season.

Inspired by the hundreds of miles of world-class trails surrounding its home in the Ozark Mountains, Walmart is entering the season strong, introducing its first-ever private brand mountain bike from Ozark Trail. These bikes are built to bridge the gap – affording new riders an exceptional entry to the sport, while offering those with a little more experience a new way to get the tires dirty.


In line with the core of Walmart’s brand promise, these bikes will help customers save money and live better at the same time. They’re not just affordable, they’re also equipped to handle some of the real rigors of mountain biking.

With light aluminum frames, three available wheel sizes, variable frame sizing, mechanical disc brakes, short-travel suspension forks, and available groupsets from brands like Shimano and Microshift, Ozark Trail has introduced a bike capable of handling that sweet Arkansas loam it calls home.

Walmart Launches Mountain Bike Brand Under Ozark Trail Name

Why now?

Mountain biking continues to grow in popularity, while Walmart shoppers continue to look for quality at a value.

“We have developed a bike for the weekend warrior that is ready to hit the trails,” said Maddy Johnson, associate merchant for adult bikes at Walmart U.S. “Many of the bikes in this sport come with a high price point. We wanted to offer our customers a more affordable option while maintaining the quality and versatility that the sport requires, and I think we’ve done that with the Ozark Trail bike!”

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Walmart Launches Mountain Bike Brand Under Ozark Trail Name

Let’s talk details

Ozark Trail has been producing high-quality, affordable outdoor gear for the last 36 years, and this new entry is no different. Starting at $198 and topping off at just $398 for the most premium package, these bikes are more than an entry point – they’re a way to grow, too.

Bikes will come with three available wheel sizes: A 24-inch wheel for kids, plus a 27.5-inch and 29-inch wheel to suit varied pursuits. Abandoning the one-size-fits-all approach of most department store bikes, the Ozark Trail bikes will also come in different frame sizes to fit different riders.

Johnson said this is the first time Walmart has introduced frame sizing to better fit customers’ needs. He shared the bikes are made to grow with riders as their skillset increases, with the option to add upgrades as needs change.

All models feature one-by drivetrains, marrying modernity with ease of use. The 27.5” and 29” models both feature mechanical disc brakes and internal cable routing. The suspension comes from a 100-millimeter Suntour SR front fork.

So, whether you’re looking for an affordable way to get your start or just want to add another steed to the stable, the Ozark Trail mountain bike is ready to roll. We’ll see you on the trails soon.

Our Thoughts

Judging from the pictures, the lower-end model doesn’t have quick-release wheels but the upper does. It’s hard to see other components. The disk brakes look to be mechanical. In many respects, this bike is better than the midrange mountain bikes we rode in the late 1990s, and we loved those. Of course, it’s not going to be at the standards of midrange modern bikes. This is one of the first entry-level, big-box bikes that I’ve seen with a 1x drive system which should make it much easier for someone to learn to use. I expect that it’s not set up tubeless but that’s not a necessity in a starter bike. All-in-all, not bad for someone who wants to give mountain biking a try but doesn’t have the means to drop $1500 on their first bike. That is, as long as they realize that they don’t need to be booming down trails enduro-style. But for some easy to intermediate cross-country trails, this just might work. Maybe it will put more people on mountain bikes.

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