We Want To Know - Your 3 Favorite Mountain Bike Trails

We Want To Know – Your 3 Favorite Mountain Bike Trails

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What are your 3 favorite Arkansas Mountain Bike Trails?

We have asked this several times over the years, you can go back and review the results from previous years here:

  • 2019 – Top 3 were (1st) Northwoods, (2nd) Slaughter Pen, (3rd tie) Iron Mountain/Back 40
  • 2020 – Top 3 were (1st)Northwoods, (2nd)Slaughter Pen, (3rd)Coler
  • 2021 – Top 3 were (1st)Mount Nebo, (2nd)Coler, (3rd)Slaughter Pen
  • 2023 – Top 3 were (1st)Northwoods, (2nd)Mount Nebo, Slaughter Pen/Handcut Hollow

Some new trails are included on the list this year and we did split Slaughter Pen and Handcut Hollow as both have grown recently. Remember, this is for fun and is not in any way scientific but locals love the bragging rights and everyone enjoys finding out about other trails in the state that need to be checked out. So please give us your top three in the survey (you will need to log into your Google account, this keeps the multiple voting to a minimum).

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If for some reason the survey is not opening on this page, go to the Forms Page. Thanks.

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