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Where Do We Run?

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Once you’ve made the decision to go for a run, your next decision is usually, where to run. We asked our readers what type of trail running surface they prefer to run on. Here are the results with some examples of great running spaces around the state.

Let’s start with the least favorite. In our poll, there were zero votes for running on treadmills and running on tracks. While both are options for specific types of training or possibly escaping harsh environments, these are obviously not the favorite places to run and neither gives runners the outdoor experience that many of our readers are looking for.

At 10.3% were in the “other” category. Of these participants, half were non-runners and half were people who often run roads but prefer trails.

Now for the meat of the poll

20.5% choose running on shared paved trails. These are places like the Razorback Regional Greenway, Arkansas River Trail, and other local paths.

28.2% are road and street runners. Most of the 5K to Marathon distance events in the state are on roads but often get onto paved paths.

Road running events are very popular.
Road running events are very popular.

41% are looking for a natural surface experience. Trail runners tend to lean more toward greater distances often taking on races that are between 6 and 100 miles long. There are shorter trail runs available like the recent Race the Base Trail Run (4+ miles) at Pinnacle Mountain State Park and the upcoming Mount Nebo Bench Trail Run (4 miles) at Mount Nebo State Park. There is a great list of trail runs across the state here.

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Before signing up for a trail run event, it's best to check out the expectations.
Before signing up for a trail running event, it’s best to check out the expectations.

Running Surfaces

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Run, hike, bike, paddle, or climb, for November we would like to know your favorite season. Sorry, you can only pick one, go to our Monthly Survey Page.

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